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Hello Everyone,

By way of a quick introduction, I am a web designer.

I have the interest to move to Vietnam and offer my specialization and web designing skill to build a very nice website for a very affordable price (I see that prices in Vietnam is very expensive for build websites). Actually, I want to open a small business but I have some questions about Vietnam.

1. Is a good place to build a website? I mean is it easy to find clients?

2. Where could I look for a business partner? Any group for that?

3. Would it work as an online business and only have a place for meeting clients?

I have been travel around the world and some places are easy to work as a freelance, only meet clients for a meeting. Would be it enough to find clients?

Thank you.

Building web in Vietnam at low price. If you charge high, you cannot compete with local service.

We can do business together if you move here:)


What are the prices that you have seen in Vietnam that you say it is very expensive? I think you may just be trolling and haven't done much research.

Only searching for companies that target foreigners and have the best ranks on google.
For sure, local companies will be cheaper.

Hello Lucky,

I sent you my Facebook. Let's keep in touch.



Great timing! 😊

We are looking for a web designer for our company. Perhaps we can work together.

Contact us if you are interested.




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Thank you. I sent a PM.

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