Suggest Good Health Insurence optioin in Bahrain

Dear Friends,

I am new in bahrain and i would like to know about good insurence option covering almost everything for indiviual. KIndly share your experince with me so i can go for an good helth insurence.


All insurance companies will have categories and depending on that you will be covered for certain or all things. If you want cover for almost everything and without co-payment option, it will be the costliest one, as understood.
Good companies are Bupa International, Cigna, t'azul etc. There are many other like AXA, MetLife, and TPA providers like Health 360.
There is no one fit for all.
You need to decide for how many persons, your family cover, inclusion of dental / optician coverage etc.
You can ask for quotations from different companies online.
Then you can decide.

As Man in Whites said, you need to be really specific as to what you really want.

The most comprehensive insurance that I have experienced, goes like this:

Complete network coverage in Bahrain on direct billing and also in the GCC at the very least (or full international or international excl. US / Canada)
Emergency with private room
Emergency repatriation via air ambulance if abroad
Full OPD incl. psychiatric, physiotherapy and alternative medicine
Annual executive health check ups for all family members
Full maternity coverage with high limit with no waiting period
Dental coverage up to a limit with no waiting period
Vaccinations covered for kids
Zero deductible or co-pay
Online claim filing

Now the trick is that these kind of insurances are only cost effective if provided through your employer group insurance.  Most employers don't give such a comprehensive coverage except to very senior people.  You can get it on your own but:

1) It will be very very expensive
2) On maternity and dental, there WILL be a waiting period
3) Pre-existing conditions won't be covered

Dear Xtang,

Your lifestyle  choices are beyond most expats league here... 

Sorry, but I need to say this in Urdu 'haath zara holay pls'!  :D


Ha ha or to look at it another way, maybe I am old and infirm enough to need this sort of cover :)

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