Bus routes and timetables

are now available on the Arriva website:



Thank you !

I had a brochure and map through my letterbox today. Im rather excited that I can get a bus from near my house, direct to Golden Bay! Happy days!!

What are the buses like for time keeping??? x

Hard to answer that, Lindsey, because the buses you'll be interested in will be those of the new Arriva service which doesn't start till 3 July.  They aim to improve on the present service on several counts, including reliability and punctuality.  There is (ahem) scope to do that.

Thats good for us as we wonŽt be moving until september time ish. We canŽt decide whether to rely on the bus services or get a car x

at the moment you couldnt rely on them  - but arriva start on 3rd july and they promise to deliver a sterling service

Even with the new Arriva service I think a lot will depend on where you choose to live and where you need to get to regularly. For example, my commute is Xemxija to Paola and after reviewing the new Arriva routes and schedules that will still be, at best, a 70 minute one-way journey (unless I'm missing something, which is quite possible as there is a lot of information to take in).

There is no doubt Arriva will be a (huge) improvement on the current situation, but I wouldn't expect it to solve everything.


i agree as we live in Mellieha.

IŽll have a look at this timetable link. IŽm not really fussed for me as IŽll just walk everywhere as everything's on your doorstep in the St Julians area but its more for the hubbie getting to and from work. HeŽll be travelling to Birkirkara so not that far from where weŽll be living so hopefully theyŽll be a bus that travels between the two places x