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Hi everyone! My goal is to eventually move to DR once my kids are in college. In the meantime, I would like to open a business in DR.

Tourism is not my thing, unless I am the one in vacation :) I may want to open something specifically for expats! As an expat in DR, what do you miss most? What type of business do you wish was in your community?

Also thinking about what do locals need....another idea I have is to open a consulting business for nationals. I am not a lawyer, however, I can offer guidance and explain the K1 visa process ( I can't give legal advice) ; I can offer assistance at the fraction of the cost of an attorney. If I apply for residencia through my husband , will this ooen up more doors to launch my consulting business?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Welcome to the forums.   Opening a business here is easy,  making it work is not.

There are multiple options but really the best way to know what is needed is to be here.... you see it first hand. 

In terms of a consulting business -  assess what is needed and what you have the skills and knowledge to respond to.   That is also not easy but you are asking the right questions.

Residencia  via your husband makes you legal.  Opening a business is easy as a foreigner but technically you cannot work in it here without residencia.

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