Bac Ninh

Hello everyone,

I'm extremely appreciate of this community. Everyone is helpful and honest with the advice they give. I'm hoping to glean a bit more of that advice from some of you.

I am relocating to Bac Ninh. I am aware that the expat community is small and that it is definitely more of a local town - I'm up to the challenge, at least for a year (i.e. the length of my contract). I want to know if there are any expats on here who spent their time in Bac Ninh. I've done some research, and have gotten a little bit of information about the city, but haven't found any information regarding:

1. Travel throughout the city (taxi vs motorbike vs walking)
2. First accounts of commutes from Bac Ninh to Hanoi (buses, trains, etc)
3. Housing Accomodations (realtors, finding ads, etc)
4. The overall general atmosphere of Bac Ninh (outside of 'I didn't like it' or 'It wasn't for me')

I'm super open to "Fun Facts" and "Things I Wish I Had Knowns".

Also, if some of you are based in Bac Ninh and are interested in hiking, trying new cuisines, playing board games, watching movies, playing sports, running, learning Vietnamese, or exploring, we should chat!

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