Belgium house contract


Does anyone know if there is any specific format for the House/flat contract.
I have submitted the house contract given to to me by owner to immigration office but still they have again asked for the same.

It is required for dependent visa processing,



There is not official template. But there are official statements...

And the contract must be registered.


I have received a letter from immigration to send them my  certificate of address proof.
Already submitted registered agreement to them.

Can I send Temporary registration received from commune as address certificate or is there any other documents which can be submitted to immigration for address proof.


I see. Rental contract shows you have rented this place, and Immigration wants to make sure you registered to the commune using this same address. Yes, you can send the temporary registration document (which Annexxe document is that ?)

And at this stage, are you waiting for your RP?

Hello Ankit, the rent contract should be in local language French/Dutch/German.

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