My new company, where I am going to join, has started the procedure to change the work permit/single permit from my current company to their name. Do anyone know how much time generally it's taking now a days to change the employer name in the single permit? And is there any chance to get it rejected?

Hi [at]Anindya_C,

Quick question. Is the Work Permit B transferable in Belgium i.e. if you change employers? And as per the information you might have gathered, how long does the process take?

Would be highly appreciated if somebody else too can shed some light on this.


Yes but there's nothing called transfer. You're new comp applies for a new WP B and when that gets approved, you go to the city hall and they do the rest. just ensure you give the mandated notice period to the old employer.

Also ensure there is no gap between the 2 employments. Even if there is a week's gap between the two they can reject a citizenship application in the future (if you indeed do apply for ctz) for non-continuity of employment. One should end Fri and the next should start Mon.

I have asked the officer in Brussels Regional Public Service , Work Permit office for changing to another employer , they said you can't put your new single permit request 3 months before ,

my current work permit will expire [at] Nov 2019 , while i want to change my current employer ,the guy said you have to wait till SEP 2019 then you new employer can request for new Permit , and it take up to 3 months to get the new one  and during this time you have to stay with you current employer , is this correct ?


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