So Much to Share Part 2

Hi Everybody.  So we've been living in Punta Cana for 6 months now.  And I LOVE IT.  Myself, my husband and our dog are all adjusting quite well.  As I stated on Part 1 - we bought in Cocotal. Our community is Awesome.  I was elected PRESIDENT of my Condo Association.  The other owners had been trying to get the building painted for 2 years.  I got it done in less than 6 months. 

One thing I have learned is that Dominicans are very talented people.  But "some" are very poor business people.  They lack organization and customer service.  The people I have been doing business with have learned to respect my time.  After waiting for service people for hours even days I learned how to deal with it.  So now when they don't show up on time or call,  once they show up at the Security Gate I tell them I'm not home.  The next appointment they see I mean business and they have been arriving early.   :) 

It was an adjustment not getting mail.  I use to love going to the mailbox.  We now have bill day.  Once a month we get on our bikes and ride downtown and pay - Claro and Cepm.  Service from both companies has been great.  In 6 months we've only lost power for longer than an hour once.  Never any issue with Claro.  We have our favorite Grocery Stores - Ole and Super Pola.  Super Pola is pricey BUT when they have items on Sale, it's a GREAT SALE.  We have a new church home in Veron.  The church bus picks us up.  We love our new church family.  The Pastor gives the message in Spanish and his wife translates to English.  I'm happy to report my husband and I are doing terrific with our Spanish.  And we've only taken lessons using the app Duolingo.  People really understand us. 

We purchased a Golf Cart to use when family comes to town. (We've had lots of visitors) 

Our dog loves it here.  We have to go to JellyFish with our dog but we are able to go up and down the shore without issues.  She loves to swim.  We found a vet that she seems to like.  Finding quality Dog Food was not a problem.  The cost is about the same as in the States. 

Getting a bank account at Banco Popular was very easy.  We have a US Dollar account. We couldn't get a debit card with this account. But no big deal.

Our residency is almost complete.  We never had to go back to Santo Domingo.  You can do it all online and if you have issues you can go to the Immigration Office in Punta Cana Village.  We never hired a lawyer.  The medical exam was a piece of cake.  We did take a translator which we didn't even need.  There is so much to share.  I'll post a Part 3 soon.  Sorry this was so long.

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