Renewing / extending Visa in Vietnam

Hello all

I am now back in Vietnam with a 3 month tourist visa. Before departing my home country of Australia  I discussed with the Vietnamese embassy my intention to stay here for about 1 year and mainly explore all I can in hcmc and take some well earned rest.

She responded by telling me that I can renew my tourist visa once, and get a new one the third time by simply exiting the country ( no period of time required for exit).

I have heard you can do this via Cambodia bus 703 from memory.

So my question is

Do j need to get a visa to Cambodia pre trip or can I get it on arrival?

Secondly what do I need to bring  with me to have the visa renewed for vietnam?

Is it a relative simple process in getting  an additional 3 month visa to continue my stay?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hope this video helps!

Oh nice. Thank you for the link. Very helpful.

The Cambodia visa is available at the border.

For the Vietnam visa, have you extended it yet? The extension is done in-country without having to leave Vietnam, usually through an agent.

If you have already used your one 3-month extension, then (to the best of my knowledge) you have to leave. If you want to do a border run to Cambodia, then you need to have a letter, which is arranged by an agent.

Otherwise, you have to go to the embassy in Phnom Penh or an embassy or consulate in whatever country you travel to (Laos, Thailand, Australia, etc.) and apply for a new visa there.

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