Non-VPN Access in China for

Hey guys, I have noticed that it has been getting increasingly difficult for me to access in China without a VPN.

In fact, for the last three weeks, I could not get on at all. The dialogs at the bottom left of my browser suggest that Google-related fonts, and analytics might be the culprit. If so, then I would strongly advise dumping all-things google and Facebook related on

Today is the first time that I have been able to access the website without the white-screen of nothing in three weeks without using a VPN. Taking advantage of this "breather" I wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem, and found work-arounds aside from using a VPN.

VPN work-arounds work for now, but in a year or two they probably will no longer be effective. So any positive suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Yes, i also met this problem. I can't access to for serval weeks. Besides, i still have some difficulty in logging in VPN

Things are much better. I have noticed that the forever spinning "link to google" dialog no longer appears. That might be the problem and if, so then it is resolved.

China has the vast bulk of the internet community. But linking to Google effectively negates access to that market. The best thing that you can do is AVOID any software that is banned in China. That is all Google, all Facebook and all the companies that they own.

PS. Use firefox, and scrap chrome. Anything associated with Google will be detrimental to your future browsing ability.

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