My employer police complaint against my labor complaint?

Hi everyone! I am Rod Mahinay from the Philippines and almost 13 years now here in Bahrain.

I have this issue with my employer who illegally terminated me in a way which is not inclined with the Bahrain Law.

We've already undergone settlement infront of the official of the Philippine embassy last June 11 and the embassy pointed to him that his grounds for illegal termination is not according to Bahrain Law without proper proceedings. Unfortunately, he was not ready to settle. So the embassy advised me to move to file a complaint in the labor ministry.

I filed a complaint in the labor ministry and have obtained hearing schedule on June 24th of this month.

After my employer received a call from the labor ministry for the initial arbitration, he immediately filed a complain against in the police, and so the police is trying to contact in my mobile.

I'm afraid to answer the call, for I know the number we'll, coming from a police station in Central Governorate. And I'm afraid to go to the police because they threatened me that I will not get out from the police once I showed up.

Please advice.

You have filed a case in the labor ministry.  Keep all of that evidence with you and go to the police station - you can't dodge them forever and it makes you look more guilty.  Best approach is to get a lawyer and have him guide you on the steps.  I recommend Khalid Khan.

Thank you very much Xtang, Appreciate your reply. Do you have the number of Mr. Khalid khan to get some advice.

Check out his blog - it has contact numbers on it.  Google.

Thanks again Xtang. Godbless!

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