New to HCMC. Here for at least a month. Let's get a coffee!

I hope this kind of thread is allowed.

I'm new to HCMC and to this forum.

I don't have facebook, and the list for HCMC seems little barren for a city of this size.

Figured I might see if I can find some people to meet up with via this forum.

Basically I am hoping to meet people who have been here for a while and have some insights or advice to share.

I am up for a coffee or a lunch, and my days are pretty much open.

If there is enough interest, we can even have a group meetup.

Anybody interested?

There's a sticky for an official forum meetup for July 11th at the top of this page.

Get Facebook. Lots of groups.
Feel free to ask questions on this forum.
And search old threads.

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