Type of Visa needed for American marrying a Kuwaiti

Hello Everyone!

I am an American woman who is engaged to a Kuwaiti man. Neither of us know much about getting a visa for me to move to Kuwait permanently, and neither does his family. Can anyone shed some light on this for us please? We are planning to get married in 1 to 1.5 years after graduating from college. What kind of visa does Kuwait offer for a Kuwaiti man marrying an American woman and bring her over to live? I know the USA has a spousal visa, but when we all searched we didn't see that Kuwait had anything like this. I know Kuwait has tourist visas and work visas, but tourist is only for 30 days, and I am not looking to work in Kuwait until I finish my MD in a couple of years

Could anyone explain this/help us?? Thank you!!!

If I am not mistaken, as an American, you get VISA on arrival.. If you are choosing to get married, you will do so in Kuwait. Not sure what will change in 1 to 2 years, so you might want to check with the Embassy.. But I dont think you need a SPECIAL Visa to travel to Kuwait.. Once you are married, your husband manages the Residence Visa for you or thru the Court... As Americans we have a lot of privileges availed to us. Good luck on your Wedding and I wish all the best for you both.. Kuwaitis are the most wonderful people.. I just love them,...


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What Paula said is absolutely true; you can just fly over, you get 3 months visa on arrival which you can extend for another 3 months. you process your paperwork, marriage certificate in Kuwait etc. so then you dont have to bother with translation and notary, then its just the application process.

not sure how long it will take, but you will eventually get a Kuwaiti passport, previously they used to mention the 'level' in the passport, not so sure now.

congratulations on your pending nuptials.

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