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Hello everyone...

I am new here on expat-blog...
I was just checking the post and it is really informative...
I wanted to know regarding Family visit Visa... could you plz provide me some information.

- I am in Riyadh since 2008, working in a Company and Iqama is not yet transffered, Still on my Kafeel,
- My sponser is a Person(on Iqama only person name), he is having an Establishment
- My profession is Malayes , I think it means MASON.

I need to know is my Profession is Valid to get Visit Visa for my Wife.
I beleive i can get a Letter from my Sponser...

If you can provide me more details, I really need to know.

Thanks in advance..

Hi Tear in the ocean!

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I hope other members will be able to advise you soon ;)


Tear in the Ocean,
welcome to the blog,
firstly its visit visa is not issued on the profession you have.
A work around solution is to upgrade your profession to "Amil Aadi" "general labor" This category is issued visit visas.

If you are interested in upgrading your profession, visit visa issuance after that and making your wife's visa permanent on your iqama , do let me know. I have someone who can help you out... But do keep in mind it will take time and money.

Armand   /  Saqib

Thnx alot to u for you quick comment...

hmmm... lets see how things goes....
One more thing I wanated to know, can my Sponser change my Iqama Profession officially,(I know it's depends upon him/ on his mood :/) while I still do work in other Places.

hope to get you informative comments soon..
thnx in advnc..


He can change it provided you give him the required qualifying documents certificates etc. Bear in mind he may ask you for a large amount of money to do this as they usually don't do anything for free.

Fear my profession in heavy driver can I  get family visit visa in ksa

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