Polyglot meetings

Hello everyone!

I am a French girl and I love languages and learning more about new cultures.
I saw in some topics that people where looking for a place to learn arabic. I was wondering who would be interested in polyglot meetings? like we meet in a coffee place and everybody can help each other with the language(s) others want to learn.
For example I can help people to learn French and I would love to exchange with kuwaiti in order to improve the little I know... but it can be Spanish, Hindi, English, Japanese... anything :D

So I created this topic to know how many people would be interested so maybe we could do something like that :)

That's good idea and it can help people understand the basics of the languages.
I would like to improve my Spanish language.

Hey there hi 🙋🏻‍♂️
Me too I am learning Russian language and would like to improve 👍

Hello im interresting my english is little trust, but prefect french.

A wonderful idea, have you guys started holding such meetings/ coffee chats. I m also interested

Thanks! No not yet, right now I am on holidays I will come back to Kuwait on August... I decided to post first to know how many people would be interested 😊
You can start without me though haha

Good idea ... I’m here if you won’t Learn Arabic language , and oud “ music “ :)

Pas mal!😊
I recommend to indicate what Languges will be spoken during the meeting, otherwise it will be chaos 😀

Haha yes sure, also people should indicate when they are available (timings and day/s) so we could get organized 😊

Je suis d’accord avec toi 👍😊
I agree

im available  every friday  and i can speak : french, arabic, english lol

If Portuguese is in the list, I’m in!

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