Registering a child's birth for unmarried couple


Is doing a NDA/DNA test the only way to register the birth of a child from unmarried parents?

The mother is Vietnamese and I am British living in HCMC. I have all the paperwork from hospital. The mother's red book is registered in Saigon.

Need the birth certificate so I can apply for a UK passport.

The hospital where your child was born should do all the paperwork and provide you with his/her Vietnamese birth certificate.  You and your wife need to provide your basic info so they can get it done.  Make sure to proofread all the info because it's such a pain in the arse to get it corrected later.  Congrats!!!

In my opinion, the NDA / DNA test is not the only way to register the birth of a child from unmarried parents. According to the regulation of Vietnamese, in case the child was born from unmarried parents, you can still register the birth of a child. What you need to do is proceed with the registration procedure to receive children in accordance with the law.
In order to do that, you must have a written copy of the hospital or any other document that proves the parent relationship and the parent's written pledge about the child is your son, at least two relatives of father and mother testify.
Good luck!"

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