Pregnant first before marriage.

I have the same question. So right now im 8 months pregnant i'll be giving birth nxt month around July 25. My husband and I decided ti give birth here bcos were both working and going back to our home country will cost more. But i got pregnant first before getting married we really planned to ge mt married all alongbut the baby came first. I was 3 months pregnant already when we got married! Before i give birth we will be 5 months married already. And im planning my delivery to al hilal. Will there be any problem in the birth certificate of my baby? I need to have it bcos were planning ti go vacstion October with the baby so we can fix his visa and passport already. Will there be any provlem? I keep on thinking :(

And also, do we need to attest our marriage certificate? And to where we can do that? We donthave the original copy yet bcos we're not yet going back to our home country. Please let me know, I need an answer i'll be giving birth very soon i can feel it :(

I have already responded on this topic in a previous thread. Use the search button.

You need an attested marriage certificate or at the very least, you need to be on your husband's sponsorship as his dependent.  I would suggest to get the certificate to avoid problems.

What certificate do we need? And where can we attest our marriage certificate? we are both filipino citizens. You mean under his visa? If we cant do it, what will happen? we only have weeks left

We have marriage certificate when we got married in our embassy. So, what do you mean by attested? Our certificate is not yet attested? the one they gave us in the embassy?

Marriage certificate has to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country and then by the Bahrain Embassy there.

If it is issued by your Embassy here then get it attested by MOFA Bahrain.

Will it take time?

Will it take time? If we get it attested then there wont be any problem for my baby's papers?

If attested, no issue. And time, I can't answer.... Every case is different.

Thanks! We already attested our marriage certificate in the ministry of foreign affairs. Hoping for the best! Hope we can get the birthcert of my son asap before we go home October.

Hi, just want to ask regarding your post. You are saying that u r already pregnant 3 months when i get married. Can i ask if nothing will be problem getting married here in Bahrain while u r pregnant? Cos i heard one of the requirements when getting married here is medical they will took blood test.

Can u pls tell me how did u get marry here, where, and what r the requirements. Me and my bf both are expat.

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