Marriage VISA - Do it yourself

Hi All,

I have a question regarding Marriage VISA.

I have all my proper documents and requirements ready to apply.
Question is, can i apply it personally? Any issues that I will face if I can do it myself?

I've checked few places that do VISA, service cost between 9-10K Baht. I thought i can do it myself to save up this sum.


I assume you are talking about a one year extension based on marriage.Don't waste your money on an agent.Go to your immigration office first and get a list of their requirements, as different offices can vary.

Hi Johnmell, thanks for replying.

That's right, a one year extension base on marriage. Currently im holding a non-imm O, multiply entries for a year. Is going to expire on Sept and the next 90 days will be on end July. So now im going to apply for the Marriage VISA and I have all the right documents.

Just worry that I will face problems with the immigration if I don't go through the agent. Anyone done it themselves do share anything?


We done 5 Married-Extension our self.

There is a lot of paper work, Pictures.
First 2 in Nonthaburi Immigration they come out to our home for home visit.
Take more pictures, Talk to 2 people that know us, If they can confirm we live together.
Take copy of the  vidnes ID Card.

Next 3 here at Si Racha Immigration.
First year home visit, Next 2 years we have to go home and take new picture of us in front of our house in same cloth as we have on at Immigration.
First 2 years we have to bring 2 vidnes to Immigration with us.
Last year, Only need copy of witness ID Card and House Book.

I can do the paper work my & pictures my self.
And i meet the requirements for the income per month 40.000 Baht or more.
Pay 1.900 baht for the Married-Extension.

For me to pay 10k Baht when i meet all the requirements is "silly".

Both Immigration Office have being silly about the paper work they need.
Say they want one thing, We get that, Then they want other stuff and so on.
But i all ways bring all, So what every they ask for i have it..

This year i have turn 50 years (In May 2019) so in July i go for Retirement-Extension as the paper work is easy, IF my immigration Office say okay to the new paper work from my Social pension from Denmark with my Embassy stamp on it.
Have to wait and see. (Danish Embassy have stop making income letter)

All ways go in go time to ask your Immigration Office what they want, It is different for office to office.


They all require that you have money in savings with the Bank of Bangkok now. I also read where they are proposing that you have health insurance. I think it will take them time to draft the rules on this legislation.

For Married-Extension the requirements are 40.000 baht income per month or 400.000 baht in the bank.

There health insurance is "only" for NoN OA VISA.

So nothing change about Married-Extension.


Hi NeverDoneThat and JohnMell,

Thanks to all and Thanks to NeverDoneThat to reply in the middle of the night! I will head to the immigration soon and ask for the actual requirements. Seems like different state has different requirements.

Hi Jrhume55,

Thanks for the reminder. Already placed in the required sum for 2 - 3 months. Im sure this is a must throughout Thailand.


Hi All,

Just an update to this thread.

I went to the immigration, took few forms and a list of requirements needed from the counter. Went home and filled all up, easily done and photocopy them 2 sets each and those that are required, example passports, bank's letter, wife's IC etc.

Went back the next day in the morning at 7am to avoid the long queue and was surprised the room was already filled with lots of people. At 8am, the moment the counter that issue queue number opened... everything a mess. China tourists who came in late and standing at the main door rushed in without queuing.. and those who came much earlier were all pushed behind including myself. Luckily people applying for Marriage VISA were much lesser and im in queue number 2 at other counter. Took me about 2.5 hour to settle all inclusive waiting since 7am. Now we are just waiting for the officer to drop by our house and give us some checks and im done.

Overall is a nice experience except the queing part. Staffs at the immigration are friendly and patience. They even went to the carpark to pass me a form to sign while im still in the car having trouble looking for carpark space. Lastly, i only paid 1900baht instead of 9000-10,000 baht to the agent! Guess is right that is kind of silly to pay that sum for something so easily done.


What immigration office? It doesn't sound like you went to CW in Bangkok. I've been reading reports on Thai Visa about it taking all day for some in Bangkok. I will be doing my extension in Sep based on marriage for first time. I've been on retirement for past 3 years, so it will be more paperwork and hassle, especially in Bangkok.

Hi Zeus,

Sorry i didn't mention where im located.
I went to the immigration office in Chiang Mai.

Bring along a book to read. I wish you luck Zeus.


Yes you can do it by your self , if it’s first time you have to go with your wife and some private photos shows that  you’re real married with your wife and do not forget the location map from your home and 400 K baht in your bank account for minimum two months , bank confirmation and sure other documents.

Save your money and take a trip to Savannakhet, Laos. They didn't even ask for income requirements. Cost me 5,000 Baht to get a Non-O Marriage visa Multiple Entry. All you need is a copy marriage certificate, a copy of wife ID signed, copy of house book signed, copy of Passport and current visa, tow recent visa photos. Make sure to have all originals with you to show at immigration in Savannakhet.

You will need to travel to Mugdahan, Thailand to cross the Thai Friendly bridge into Laos. Laos visa will cost you 1,500 Baht. If you need more info. let me know. I just recently completed this trip two months ago because of the new changes to immigration in Thailand requiring income coming to a Thai Bank for at least 12 months consecutive.

Prior to this it was easy to get a retirement visa or marriage visa now they've change things. It is easier to take the trip to Savannakhet, Laos than to deal with Thai immigration it's a lot easier and less requirements at least for now.

Hi All,

Time flies, and my marriage VISA is going to expire on the end July.
A question. Do I renew the VISA a week earlier? a month earlier? before the expiry date. I read somewhere that is stated 45 days.

Anyone who has done it let me knows. Thanks.


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