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Hi All

I am Indian National moving to Singapore soon. My company has applied for EP on 7th June. Lets see when i get the EP ( I am expecting under normal circumstances by 21st June it seems and in bad luck can by July :) )

I had a question, i have previously worked in Singapore for 1.5yrs and when i left , company had to cancel my EP since i moved out of SG

in my new application number which has been filed , when i try to check my Application status ( i know its too early ) , it shows my old EP application details ( in-spite of entering new Application number in the query) and  EP status as cancelled. I asked my consultant and they seem to think that its fine but didn't sound that convincing. I was ideally expecting the status as "Pending" under my new application number ...is it any different for people who are returning back?


Go through the sticky posts. It's mentioned there.

In short - Employer may have applied for EP but MOM hasn't entered it yet in the system . Though by now they should have. If new application doesn't show up ask Employer to check with MOM if there is any pending document to be submitted.

Thanks a lot bro . I spoke to them and they haven’t heard from MoM on any pending documents and as per them they have submitted on all required documents

Not sure if this is normal but I have also dropped an query to MoM on below

Status changed to pending under new application today evening . Looks like I should count 2 weeks from today then it seems :)

Let me know if anyone else has also applied EP in June. Let’s hope we get our EP in 2-3 weeks  :)

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