Saigon meet ups?


Im new to Saigon and looking to meet some other fellow expats. Does any one know of any events or common places to meet some new people in the city? Any suggestions much appreciated

Subscribe to Saigoneer.  It's full of tidbits about Saigon old and new from the people who lived/live there, plus a calendar of public events and activities. 

As the name dictates, it's not a magazine that catered to expats, but one whose goal is to bring to attention the problems and issues of the city as well as its many endearing aspects that most people do not take the time to know.  Still, I think all expats should give it a regular read to get beyond their impressions of Saigon as the hotbed of maniac drivers, cheating vendors, and ignorant litterers.

Here's this week's events:  June 10 - 16

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