Jobs for females (Need help)

Hey there
I desperately need a job in Riyadh. I am an accountant by profession and apparently employers here don't hire female accountants if they don't know Arabic. I have been applying like crazy but most of them replied with this comment. So another option is a teaching job. I don't have any experience but i feel like i can teach primary students maybe. What do i do? where do i look? All schools i applied to have this experience requirement. Please help.

Indeed finding job even as a male is quiet challenging too in Saudi Arabia. Doors have long been open for women, but of course with great limitation on certain jobs and which company employs you.

Well as you said, teaching is off a great option to you as a lady. So keep applying through the various schools in the kingdom on their official website, however the frustration you feel of not getting any feedback is due to the high need of experience of teaching kids and of teaching in Gulf. Looking at what you wrote, you do not have any good working experience as a teacher, and hence you will have most of your applications over looked.

One good way to get something is establish links with your country people working in the various schools in the kingdom, mostly through LinkedIn and ask they help you out on landing a job if there is an opening. Good word from an employee in a school can easily help you out.

Good luck

Thank you for replying. I'll keep trying.

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