Tourist visa stamp on departure card not passport

When i arrived in Chiang Mai, airport immigration stamped my departure card but not my passport. Is this common? I just got a new passport at the US consulate and wonder if i should go to immigration to have the new passport stamped or just leave as is and let them deal with it when i leave the country end of June? Any suggestions?

I got the answer to my question. Best to go to immigration and get it done. Took 1.5 hours but would have been a debacle if i did it upon departure.

Yea, All ways go to Immigration when you find out something is wrong / missing.
Immigration "normal" relax about it, So i think it might be common ?

And now you learn, All ways check you passport when enter Thaiand right away, To see if you get every stamp..


Thanks. I did go to immigration. All good☺

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