Greek Scientists Conduct Trials to find Olive Oil Cancer Cure

Very interesting article today 12 June online with Greek Reporter about using olive oil as a possible treatment against cancer.They use oil very high in polyphenols with oleocanthal properties.There is an early harvest called Agoureleo very rich rich in polyfenols.Dioscorides and Hippcrates wrote about this 2,500 years ago.Olive oil is against inflammation and thats a good reason to make olive leaf tea and drink it throughout the day.Its good to buy the very best olive oil that you can afford with these very high polyphenols.You can mix olive oil,honey and lemon together first thing in the morning and drink it.There was a true story film made some time ago about a family in America I think, whos son became very ill with a strange degenerative disease,they tried everything as usual,nothing worked,he was getting worse and worse.The parents were scientists,biochemists and so started to study a particular property in olive oil that they wanted to give their son to save him.The only lab who could extract it for them at that time was in England and so it was done.The illness did not completely go away but what did happen was that it was halted and brain degeneration did not get worse,if they had had it earlier perhaps there would not have been so much damage to the brain. Perhaps we should look much further into the cures that seem to be out there for us naturally.

Also a good way of getting more olive oil down is to use it instead of milk in mashed potato.I cannot have dairy so I put loads in it with oregano.You can also add garlic to this,they serve it in restaurants here,also lots in with sheep or goats yogurt with mint and cucumber.we are seldom really taking in lots of oil,perhaps a dribble on salad.

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