Transport from Airport to My The Beach area

Does a bus run from the Airport to My Khe beach area please.
What is best way to get from the Airport to My Khe ?
Appreciate feedback..

Taxis are widely available and cheap. From airport perhaps $5 ish US dollars. Not sure of bus. Grab motos are half price.

Cheers Canman.

Arriving  July, just weighing up best way to get round and areas.
Were looking for a 1 bed / studio apartment in the My KHe Beach are.
Appreciate any feedback.

There are literally thousands for rent, simply walk around and have a look

Cheers Canman.

Much appreciated.
A quick Question Danang Bay or My Khe Beach ?

My khe beach without a question.
Rental price for type of accomadations u are looking for in this area is $400 ish. Can be cheaper or more expensive.
As I say, you can look around, walk around and literally see hundreds if not thousands of rentals available. Many being 1 block back from the ocean with a sea view.
The an thuong area is a popular expat, bar , restaurNt area. It is located behind the Eden hotel on the ocean front. In a several block area.
I loved Danang.
9 years of travel in south east Asia and it clicked EVERY box for me.

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