EP rejected - grateful for your advice

I have seen my EP application status and it is sadly saying rejected. My details:
Salary 14-15k
Experience: 2-3yrs
Industry: legal (foreign law)

Does the MOM provide reasons / a formal rejection letter to the job agency who applied on behalf of the employer? Can the job agency / employer reach out to MOM for reasons of the rejection and so the application can be appealed?

Thanks so much...

Yes, check with your Employer if MOM has provided any rejection reason and rectify that before appealing.

Though the criteria for EP is relaxed for candidates earning > 14k per month, but my guess would be that MOM may have found the salary too high for someone with only 2-3 years of experience.

Thanks for your reply, I'll check with my employer. That is actually within the expected salary range for my type of work.

The main reason here to get an EP that whether your employer justifies hiring a foreigner for this position! If MoM asks to show proof that they have tried locally but skill sets which they are looking for are not matched so they are hiring a foreigner!

Your skills set should be matching with their job ad (employer must be advertised in Job bank for two weeks earlier) and offered salary shouldn’t be much deviation to market standard. Good luck

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