New Expat - figuring out where to rent accomodation!

Hi there,

I've just moved to HCM City and am currently based in District 3 but due to unforeseen circumstances need to move ASAP. I will be studying in District 7 at RMIT University and I think working at an internship in a similar location. Just wanting thoughts on living in district 7? Is it suitable for a young person? Will I feel isolated?

I don't need huge parties and stuff, but is there a sense of community? Is it safe?

Or should I look at district 4? Which is kind of in between the work/uni of d7 but also close to d1, d2 and d3 which seem to be the more happening places?

Any advice from any current or former expats would be amazing!

Also any suggestions on real estate agents would be great too or websites to book rentals!

Thank you!

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