Hi!   im looking for any advice, or information.
I was denied a longstay visa for france, i appealed and still waiting for answer, i plan to go as planned to marry my Fiance, then come back to America to apply for spouse of french national. Is this difficult, will i need to show funds again? Any information or advice is greatly appreciated.

Which visa D did you tried? (long stay)
They should have given you a reason for your previous denial (money / missing papers / insurance). Keep that into account next time you apply.

Yes you can easily marry your Fiance through your 90 days visa-free (remember that you can only come 90 days maximum per 180 days in the Schengen Area), then you'll have a legal status together.

You'll find more information (in french) here: … groupement

Your fiance has some work to do and he can be your financial sponsor if he gets enough money + proof of non-insalubrious accommodation. (you should go for: my fiance is my sponsor and I have some money on my own!)
you'll need your certificate of birth, affidavit of celibacy (both of you), medical certificate from affiliated hospital to the embassy, .......

But keep it mind that it will take time, administrations are always slow... Good luck!

So there is no way, i can apply from france? I have to go back to america? Thank you Alex! Your information is very helpful.

Yes, there are way from France.
But it depends on the context and your case.

From France, there are 2 different cases: marriage and the pacs. Both with strict conditions.

If you pick the marriage choice, you must live together since the wedding (no interruption) and you'll have to proof that you live together since more than 6 months.

In case of the pacs, you can legally live together if you can proof you've already lived together more than 1 year. … oits/F2209

I'm no specialist in French laws, I'm from Belgium (through it's kinda similar), so I advice that your fiance should contact the prefecture / law specialists / an advocate.

If  you planned to get married in France you don't need to go back to apply for a visa.
Most people marry and then apply for residence permit after six months of living together.
The drawback is that you can't work for that period.
But the 6 months of living together in France can be before or after the wedding.
You'll need proof,such as electricity bills etc with both your names on it.

But i do not have a visa to allo w me to stay for 6 months, i only have my passport which allows me to stay for 90 days

yes and no.
You're mixing tourist stay and resident one.

So, you can regularize your status once you're in France AND get married to a French citizen...
Avoid visa as much as you can, as it takes a lot of time and they get often denied...

You've to understand that the processes are kinda different depending if you're already inside the Schengen Area OR outside Europe.
Things are completely different once you're "in the territory" (==> legally, thanks to your 90 days visa-free!!!)
"Oh! you're American! Oooohhhh you've a 90 days visa-free access in Schengen Area, thanks to the diplomacy regarding "our" countries! Just perfect!"
The thing is: you don't need a visa to stay for a short time (90 days per 180 days)
==> so you can come inside the Schengen Area and start the process to live together!

You can do things right, after you get married (legal status) and once you start living in France, as the bride of a French citizen. At some point, you'll receive your resident permit as the wife of a French citizen.

So it means that you'll switch your status from a tourist to a temporary allowed foreigner citizen, then to a legal resident if everything went right. (after some papers and administrative process)

Your fiance should contact law specialists / an immigration specialized advocate in France, to know exactly what to do (avoid prefecture / immigration / embassy for now) and what to avoid/mistakes!
It's not that expensive (+/- 100€) and you'll know what to do, to be able to stay and live together.

Thank you so much! I have been so stressed thinking about what needs to be done. I appreciate the information. I feel much better, and positive than before. Thank you.

As said above,you don't need a visa to marry. You just need to have entered France legally.
Where does your future husband live?
Do not spend time and money on a lawyer,you don't need one. The procedure is simple.

He lives in france, Abbeville.

Tell him to get in touch with the organization "Les Amoureux au Ban Public " by mail or facebook (There isn't a local group near Abbeville). They will guide and help you all the way,free of any charge.
Don't worry. It's not as complicated as it seems,you just need the right information 👍

Thank you Talatta!

You're welcome 😊
I volunteer with Les Amoureux au Ban Public and I know how overwhelming French paperwork can seem!

That is great news! I will arrive in France on july 17. Since i only have the passport, and no visa i think we should try to get things done as quickly as possible, as for the moment i was thinking we will be married, and afterwards i could apply for a temporary residence card while i wait for my family of a french national paperwork to be processed..but can i get residence card without a visa? and what does place banns mean? I am confused again...

As long as you enter France legally you can obtain a residence permit by marriage.
Place bans is a formality to do before the marriage. Don't worry ,the town hall will explain everything.
Just remember NOT to file your demand for resident permit  before having 6 full months of living together. And you need to prove it by bills etc.

But my passport is only for 3 months! Uh oh how is this going to work?

Yes i know how the marriage works, and placing the bans.. but i only have passport, no visa! I cant stay pass 3 months, so to get temporary residence i would need to stay atleast 6 months. So this has become impossible.i must return to america then apply as his spouse.we will be apart for 3 months..i did not want to be apart from him.

So you are saying i can get married, then take my marriage certificate and switch  from being a tourist to a temporary resident? I could be temporary resident while waiting for residence application to be processed?
But if we have to live together for 6 months, and my passport only allows me 3 months, then how is it possible?

Most mixed couples do it that way. It's the easiest way,if you can afford to stay 6 months without working.
You will in deed be sort of illegal,which is hard for some people to wrap their head around  :D
But as spouse of a French citizen you are protected by your marriage until you can file the demand.
After 3 months you can apply for temporary healthcare while waiting for your permit.
This (marrying and staying undocumented and file after 6 months) is a legal and the most common procedure. It avoids couples having to separate,and having to pay travels back and forth.
But it's extremely important you don't leave the country during these 6 months,or else you have to begin all over again

Ask your fiancee to contact Les Amoureux au Ban Public. We help people with this exact issue every day. It's,as a said,a very common way to proceed .

What do you mean by marrying and staying undocumented for 6 months? Thank you for this information i think this is my best option.

You come to France a a tourist. You have to live with your fiancee/husband for 6 months before you can apply for the spouse resident permit. So you'll be undocumented for a while.(Less than 6 months in your case,since you're allowed to stay 90 days. )
I said 6 because people often overstay their visa before marrying,so they're already undocumented when they begin the procedure. And as they often are unaware of the need of actual proof of their life together they haven't thought about assembling these even if they lived together prior to the wedding.

;) yes i understand.i wait 6 months and provide documents of living together as husband and wife, then i file for temporary residence permit.then when it expires i file again?

Yes. But that will be much less complicated 😊

Ok...thanks so much for hanging in to my constant questioning. Yes! Now i know what i need to do. You have been very patient with me. You are awesome. Again thank you so much. I will be in Northern France, if you have opportunity to come to Abbeville, if would be great to have a coffee.

You're welcome. You'll soon get used to French bureaucracy
I'm on the exact opposite side of France,in Montpellier. But who knows 😁

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