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Hello, does anybody know of anybody that can do me a website?,
Thanks in advance

I can help you.  PM me and we can set up a meeting. 


I am doing a new webiste for my business

I consulted 7 companis and kept 3, then 2, then 1. A web site designer based in Saigon with the best quality/price ratio as far as I am concerned. 80 local developpers and 2 foreigners. In additon, the boss has a very long experience, many years, of Vietnam and its people.

Hi Delafon,
Can you share the contact of the web design company, I am looking for one as well.

You speak English or vietmease?

What was the cost? Who built it for you?

What’s your contact details?


Do you want to build a website?
What type of website do u want?


Jenifer Nguyen.

Good morning!

Are you still looking for someone to do website for you?

If yes, please give me more details such as type, function, other requirement.

I am looking forward to hearing it from you as soon as possible.


Jenifer Nguyễn.


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If you are still looking out for your web development, you can get in touch with a friend of mine -
Kat Nguyen - ***

She speaks English & Vietamese. She can help you develop online site on wordpress.

~ Theju

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