Is the offer of MYR16,000/month good enough for me? Thank you so much!

Hello all. First time here for me in the forum.

I would like to seek for your advise.

Currently I am being offered by my company for a package of MYR16,000/month in KL. I am living alone but sometimes my family will come to visit.

I am planning to search for a 2 bed room condo in a good condition. Is this salary visible for me?

Thanks a lot for your help.

You don't give enough detail, 16k a month is that before or after tax, what other deductions may you be liable for, medical insurance, pension contribution etc. When on leave are you paid or not?
Its pretty easy to work out your monthly costs but only you can do that.
US$45,600 is not great but no one knows what standard of live you want, only you know.

Thanks Steve.

MYR16,000 will be gross salary per month.

The company also provides me EPF contribution to which they will contribute 12%.

I am 29 years old. And I will be living in KL alone most of the time. I am thinking to spend up to MYR7,000/m covering all expenses. Is it okay for me to expect a comfortable lifestyle with this figure? Thanks.

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