Which visa for property investment? And a shop in the free zone

I checked  thru the list of friendly nations whose visa would fit my demands.
My country of origin is within this list so the entry is not a problem.
But i want to stay. I want to settle down in the emirates.

General directorat of residency and foreigner affairs

Few questions pls:

- is the property you are buying already built? Ready for occupancy? If not, then you will not be granted a Residential Visa

- is the property more than 1Million AED? It is a requirement that property that you want to purchase should be 1M and above. Otherwise, your Residential Visa Application will not be valid.

- any plans of owning the property? Because it has expiry, 2years only. So if you wont be able to complete owning the property by that time, its better to take Company Visa, and its valid for 3years.


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I have still no suggestion what type of visa i need. Their listing is somewhat
confusing and the one im looking for is yet not listed. Or i didnt found it.
1. yes. built
2. just 1'000'000 aed. how many additional cost to buy property?
(When i buy then i own it - thats a silly conclusion to buy something and
don't own it)
3. for shure owning because i want two of them rent out and the shop to
make some additional income. the apartements are free hold,
    the shop is in the free zone but no building on yet.
4. which durations are granted for visas? 5 or ten years? 3 years
is nothing! Taxation in general private vs. company visa? the emirates
are interesting as there is no taxation at all.

Thanks Bavna for editing because i prefer to buy property from landlords

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