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Hello i am new here....my name is yuliani from indonesia. I have problem with ICA year ago when i enter singapore they refuse me to enter because they find out i ever enter singapore with 2 different  passport, i told them i use the different passport because longtime ago when i try to get job in overseas that time i was under ages...so the agent do all my document and change my identity.
I use to visit single alot with that passport till last they refuse me enter sg with that's passport.
So they send me back to indonesia.
Year and half later  i make new password with real identity in indonesia , all document is same with id card, birth certificate and ect, because i can't renew the old passport that my agent make for me,
So this year may 10th i enter singapore, they allow me to enter and i was stay there till 26 may....but when i am going home the immigration ica caught me  and they find out i ever enter singapore with different name , they took me to immigration office and do some document, ask me why i am not declare i ever use different passport. I missing my flight because of it, but they dont want to buy me ticket,to go back they ask me to buyticket by my self, so they call indonesia immigration ask about my details if the document i use now is real, lucky that the immigration of indonesian confirm it and the icamake my record document into one caseand write all that i am  the same person, they ask me me to write appeal later to ica next time bfr i enter sg.
The question is u think the ice will register to enter singapore aft this all?
And if i should write the appeal later where do the email address i should send.

If I understand your posting correctly, you had (and used) two passports with different personal details at the same time? If so, that is of course a major problem for any buerocrat - and honestly I cannot imagine any possible constellation where this is legal.
But if you have written proof, from the Indonesian authorities, that this was o.k. and you were in your right to do so, then send that to ICA with a letter explaining the situation again in your own words. (The contact details are on their webpage.)
If not, you will probably be banned forever for using fake documents.

This was common in times of old when agents knew which immigration officers to pay for a dodgy passport.
Most were workers that had been nabbed for working illegally and wanted to go back to work again, or underage workers trying to earn a living.
The new electronic KTP and KPK activity has all but put a stop to that now, but there is still the possibility of someone trying it on.
That explains how the illegal fake passports were obtained, and possibly excuses the OP assuming she was only there to try to earn a living and all other paperwork was correct, but Sing's immigration people might very well take a dim view of it and make life hard work for her.
After all, they can pick and choose who enters for what, so what incentive to they have to allow a known illegal to return?

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Coming back to your query, send your details to the officer for seeking his/her confirmation that you can visit Singapore. Below link, I had shared multiple times for reference:

Good luck

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