Where to stay in SD while applying for Residence.


my wife and I are moving to the DR within weeks.  Our first stop will be SD so we can apply for the residence.  Does anyone have suggestions on where to stay while we deal with immigration, about two weeks is what our attorney suggested

Thank you

Not knowing your budget might be difficult for members of the forum to make recommendations.

However, we stay at the Holiday Inn in Santo Domingo.  It is a very nice hotel; close to many restaurants.  It is within walking distance of Agora Mall and a short drive to 360 Mall and the Zona Colonial.

Good luck.
Las Terrenas Tracy

I agree with that suggestion. My question is why 2 weeks?  Seems like a long time.

Let me know when you are here, I am in Santo Domingo!

I would suggest the Embajador Hotel in Bella Vista because it is close to DGM (walking distance and safe) yet in one if the better parts of the city with plenty of restaurants nearby, and most importantly you will avoid the horrendous weekday traffic  in the buisiness centre of town where Holiday Inn is located. Even if you stay on the Malecon at the Sheraton or other hotels there, or in Zona Colonial you will enconter traffic issues.

To add the Embajador has been renovated recently but retains its charm.

If budget is an issue then focus on the Zona Colonial.

If I had to spend 2 weeks in Santo Domingo, I would definitely stay in the Zona Colonial and pay the 10 dollars a day for a cab to get to and from your appts. The hotel I recommend is Casa Naemi located in the heart of the Zona at La Catholica 11, Room #10. It has a balcony, modern bathroom, cable, air conditioning and a generous breakfast is included. The neighbourhood is located around the consulates of various countries and upscale dining options and yet Casa Naemi is very affordable. You can negotiate your price based on the length of your stay. Nice facility, safe modern neighbourhood within minutes of everything the Zona has to offer. The rest of S.D. is crowded and chaotic. Why not enjoy the pleasant vibes of the zona and take cabs at an affordable price.

Thanks for your reply.  The attorney we are working with suggested 2 weeks in Santo Domingo to address the residency with the proper authorities, just following her advise.

I am not sure why 2 weeks.  You may want to check out your lawyer.  I was able to complete everything including medical within 1 day.  A return visit in 4 months for my cedula, residency and driver's license.  1 more day.

Following . . .

We also have had our Visas approved, just sent passports off to the Consulare to get them stamped.


Again investigate why 2 weeks. Ask specifically what you need to do in that time. Makes no sense.

Thank you to all who are posting your experiences!  That helps those who will follow.

It may take 2 weeks but there is no need for you to be on standby for that period.

Take a road trip.... visit places....
you might tire of Sto Dom during 2 weeks

I would use the " home to go " app I have gotten many great deals like two bedroom apartments for $25 a day in SD, and use UBER it is less than half the cost of a taxi.

This question is too subjective to have any use.  Some will recomment the most expensive place, and other the cheapest place, and other the 'gay friendly' place, etc.

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