Autoexpreso (toll pass) for recently shipped vehicle

Hi. I recently had my car shipped over and in driving it from the piers to where I am staying are a couple of tolls, one manned and one unmanned. I wasn’t able to pay first one (unmanned) so at the next one (manned) I bought an autoexpreso pass. The plate on my car is still the one from my state in the US? I know that they snap a pic of the plate but I’m wondering what will happen now since my car is registered in the US (to my old address) and I will not be able to register it here for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know?

No worries this happened to us too when we picked up our vehicles from Crowley. We had no issues at the Cesco registering the vehicle . Nothing PR can do to track the vehicle as there is no ticketing system for out of state vehicles . The lady there told me consider it a free day . We did get a toll pass at the first available booth. And registered our cars within 48 hours .  The same with the drivers license. No way to send tickets back to your home state. Most people here have PR license and a license from their home state. Just be careful because they told us we didn't need out driving record from back home and I had to order one. It took 4 weeks. All Cesco did was look at it and hand it back.

Thank you for the info!

No problem. Let me know if you have any other questions i'd be glad to answer.  I have become a "Relocation Yoda" on the PR relocation process... Lol.

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