Spanish language

Hi ,
I am Arash , I am going to move to Valencia with my Family .
We don’t know Spanish language totally .
What is the best way to learn Spanish language?
Do you have any experience ?
And if you talk Spanish as a basic, what is the reaction of Local people? Is it better to talk English fluently or it is better to try to speak in Spanish  influently?

I would suggest using whatever you know, especially the basics, such as "gracias," "por favor," Como esta?"  There are many resources on the internet that can give you a good basic foundation that will at least smooth the transition to getting to know the locals.  Even if you get giggles and smiles at first, the majority of locals will be happy to help.

Don't be shy!


One of the best ways is to watch YouTube videos, second to that is watching children's programs on TV. Another way is to buy books or comics catered for children.

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