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WE have bought a plot in Sandy Beach and are in process of gathering info. I have been told to install a solar system (which I agree with!)    Anyone have any info, experiences, recommendations, warnings, etc??  Thanks!

We are designing and plan to build an ICF structure.  ICF is integrated concrete forms (styrofoam)  It is energy efficient, easy to make internal changes, quiet and fast.  Best par tis it is a solid concrete center so high winds safe.  Also, the spans without walls can be 25' safely.  Allows for big open spaces. 

Most importantly, house will not heat up during the day and the block bakes in the summer sun.  Check it out.

Hi, I am in Rincon from November through April. My landlord have a Tesla battery coupled with solar panels. We always have electricity no matter what and with no loud generator noise. My landlords are very knowledgeable and experienced with this stuff and if you want to speak with them please contact me by email:*** . By the way we live in Puntas on the road that ends up at Parking Lots where Barefoot Yoga and Casa Islena are.

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Are you working with a local builder during the planning and design process? Are they trained to use the ICF products? Everything I've read about the products sounds on par. As we are in the Rincon area the question will always be "how do I find a competent and qualified builder?"  That's true for the states as well, especially in the South.

This is Vic again. Since my landlord has lots of experience having things built in Rincon you might also want to pick his brain about building a house.

We are a local architectural and general contracting firm with an office in Ponce and Rio Grande. We opened up shop in August last year with headquarters in Jacksonville, Fl. We came to help with the FEMA reconstruction and are waiting for the next phase to begin which should start in October. We are familiar with SCIP construction and purchased the panels from an outfit called GCT (Gulf Concrete Technology) that is a division of Carmelo Concrete in Sabana Seca. The panels are not made here but are made in Mississippi.
Let me know if you (or anyone else) would like to discuss this further.

I know on PR cement company in Hatillo that may be able to make them on the island. Tropical  cement - give them a call

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