Require Information for a trip to Cameron Highlands

Hi Fellow Expats,

Can someone please guide me as i plan to travel to Cameron Highlands on 5-6 June.

1.  I am planning to take the bus from TBS but not sure if i must book in advance. Is it easy to go on spot bus tickets?
2. How do i travel around within CH from one point to another? (budget friendly)
3. Whats the best time to start in case i want to return on the same day?

Thanks in advance!


1. You should be book the ticket first at TBS or KL central also can.
2. Only taxi (Grab not services here) or you can rent the car/motorbike
3. Return on the same day is impossible, but if you're going there for a meal then come back may be can

You can book ticket online and see if you get any on
check the time and book the ticket. Bus will drop you at Tanah Rata if you want to go to brinchang.

From Tanah Rata there is shuttle bus will goes to Brinchang every 30 minutes or can take Grab.

You can also rent Car or motorbike.

You can return on same day if you get bus ticket back to KL.

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