Inflation and cost of living

I am moving to Cairo soon. Like to understand how is the situation with inflation? Is the USD to EGP conversion really unstable? Has it really affected the cost of living?

Hi Jamiechua,
There is no inflation or deflation in most places I have been to. The so called shoppers look at you; the way you walk; the way you talk or the way you communicate, and more than likely the price will go up according to your accent. Many business people I have noticed recently want to be rich in one day as though tomorrow does not exist.. I hardly would go to the same shop for shopping if I find out that I have been charged a tourist price. That's what many shop keepers like charging. It is unfortunate but what they do not realize is that they are losing out on a healthy business, cos I will not go to the same shop, why should I pay more money when I know I can get same thing at a cheaper price somewhere else.
Taxi drivers are the worse, they start talking about benzene price going up, so they think I should pay them more, than what the meter shows.
I get a local person to speak and buy what I need, and pay the local price and not as a tourist price. I might stay out of shop keepers sight until I know the price.
One or two cent going up or down does not affect much everyday prices, but it does take a while for the price to move significantly. But the price doubles if they know your a tourist........
I hope this helps.....

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