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Hi everyone,

I have been living in Malaysia for the past 14 years as a dependant on the MM2H Visa.
Currently, a company is in the midst of applying for an Employment Pass for me.
They have told me to cancel my MM2h pass for a month, during which they will process the EP for me. As we know, there is a chance that the EP can either be approved or worse case, rejected.
This is what their email said:
Please cancel your current MM2H to 30 days from the date of submission. For example, if you will be canceling your MM2H pass on 10 June 2019, please cancel it until 9 July 2019 or if you will be canceling your MM2H pass on 11 June 2019, please cancel it until 10 July 2019. Once your cancellation process is completed, please provide us scanned color copy of the canceled pages for us to resubmit your application.

No my question is, is it possible to cancel my pass for "one" month?

Please help me out as I am very confused.

Thank you!

That doesn’t sound right. Wouldn’t you be “naked” without a visa/pass for residency for a month? That would make you subject to deportation. Are they expecting you to leave Malaysia? I’d speak with an MM2H agent or immigration directly about how one can convert one’s MM2H pas to an employment visa. I’d think that one could cancel and convert in one day. But I’ve never experienced the procedure.

This thread might be relevant.

Maybe Gravitas could weigh in with any new information since then?

They mean 'shorten' not 'cancel' ....nothing to worry about, they're just using the wrong word!!

They're asking you to get your dependent pass shortened, so that there are only 30 days remaining on it. During that 30-day period, they will apply for your employment pass and have its start date commencing after the 30 days is up (so you aren't without a visa at any point). It's standard practice when changing between different visas :)

Thank you so more for both of your assistance! I really appreciate it😊

I have another question, the company that wants to hire me has told me that MDEC has requested me to cancel my mm2h.
I am aware that there is stage 1 and stage 2 in the process. The stage 1 is where the approval takes place, am I right?
So therefore, the fact that MDEC has requested me to cancel my current pass, would this mean that it has gotten through stage 1 already and has been approved?

The reason I am asking this is because if I cancel my current mm2h, without getting a confirmation that I will get the EP, I will not be able to stay in Malaysia any more as I can not get an extension for mm2h after the cancelation.

So please help me understand at what stage does MDEC ask to cancel the existing pass? Is it after they have approved the EP?

Thank you for your help 😊

Did you call the issuing authorities or paid a possible visit?  I believe its a part of process and not actually anything to worry about.

Do check this link below as well: … bajar.aspx

Thank you Sameer... I sent you a message, please check.

Anyone else has any information? Please assist as I'm really lost.... At what stage is one asked to cancel their existing mm2h is valid for another six years.. If I cancel mine and MDEC rejects my EP as well,I'll have to leave Malaysia as I can't reapply for it as I'm above the age limit.... Need to make a decision quick...

Why do you think there is an upper age limit for MM2H visa ? As a dependent you would have no problem reinstating MM2H at any time.

tessas1000 :

Why do you think there is an upper age limit for MM2H visa ? As a dependent you would have no problem reinstating MM2H at any time.

Your question is a little unclear.  There is no upper age limit for primary applicants to MM2H. There is for Dependants on the MM2H visa (age 21). It's 18 if the child is going to college in Malaysia...they have to transfer to a Student Visa. But the age limit of 21 exists because you become a legal adult in many countries at that age. That means you have to apply as a Principle Applicant and show your own financial capabilities - liquid assets worth a minimum of RM500,000 and offshore income of RM10,000 per month.  You can't use your parent's assets. Then you also have to establish a separate Fixed Deposit of RM 300,000.

But parents of the applicant are also allowed as a dependent (no upper age limit), and I think they may have a provision/exception for disabled adults that are children of the applicant. See … ent-mobile for reference to disabled dependent over 21.

I wrongly assumed the "dependent" was a wife . Of course an adult " child" cannot be a dependent.

In the case of the wife...there is also no Upper Limit. She can be as old as she wishes to admit. I think a "Picasso" or "Rupert Murdoch" can bring in their vastly younger wives.

I guess the question might arise when Pablo or Rupert kicks the bucket (mind you "spouse" means it could be older woman main applicant with younger man). Would the dependent spouse then be able to transfer the Main applicant visa to her name.

There is a procedure to do this and the age of the spouse is not mentioned. The death/divorce MUST be reported within 3 months and a temporary visa applied for while the Change of Principal application is reviewed. Technically the death of the principal voids the visa of the dependents so it's best that one gets the temporary visa issued before any use of the visa occurs. Travel outside Malaysia can be problematic. … 20mm2h.pdf

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