Lung scar in the UAE

Hello there

Well I need some help ,any body there?

Am from Uganda and came to Dubai with a visit visa , got a job , I went for a medical test at Alqouz mall, and a week after my employers told me that I had to do a second medical test and that I have to go to building 7 at muhaisna , because my medicals were not fit yet  , but when we got there we were a little late and had to come back , and been requested to go back after edi holiday, which is 5days from now,  well I don't know what to expect as I have read quite a few stories of lunch scars and not do many people are successful with it even without TB cases in the past

I am 28 years old now and  was diagnosed with pnemonia when I was 14 years , fully treated well from my country and haven't had it ever since , but they say that you get deported for any lung scars even if it was not TB , I haven't had any T.b and did test back then to check for it just to be sure.

I am a bit confused of what may go down the medical centre or if they even deport you even if you have never had the disease before but just Pnemonia, as I was told that pnemonia too leaves a scar on your lungs and sometimes the machines mistake it for Tb

I don't know what they ask when you get there or what to say in the long run

Kindly advise , anyone here , please

Any update?

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