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This is letting you know that am waiting for my E pass approval. Application made on 19.04.2019.As i discussed with friends and based on internet surfing it should to get appeal 3 to 4weeks of time, but still it is in pending status. Anyone please make me clear on this.

What’s your query here? If it’s pending then wait for its result.

The average time for EP approval process is around 1month. Many people have already shared their cases that they waited more than 1 month before they could see the outcome of their application.

Thank you sir,

My query here is, when it is in pending status definitely it will get approve right ? No space for application  get reject

Pending means Pending. @Surya and Bepi have created a post on EP guidelines already. Just reiterating what many have posted - your application is being processed. Whether it gets approved or rejected depends mostly on -

1. Your Job profile and if that's critical for Singapore.
2. Salary (the designation, years of experience and experience should commiserate)
3. Your past records
4. Educational Qualifications and awarding institute
5. Your Employer's profile I.e. if they are contributing to Singapore Employment. The ratio of local vs foreigners employed.
6. Job ad posted on jobs bank for minimum 14 days
7. Your luck

Good luck with the application. Hope you get IPA soon

Ok thank you.

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