Where to buy Lanco Urethanizer paint??

We had heard years ago that the best roof paint was a rubberized paint called elastomeric paint? Now we've heard that this Lanco urethanizer is the best roof paint for a concrete roof for rain collecting...Any one out there have an opinion?

I've used Lanco products for my previous masonry house including roof coating. I bought them in a Ferrateria in Bonao....they are in all major builders merchants

I can't remember the roof paint I used but the criteria for me was to be reflective and durable to reduce roof heat gain.

Here is the range of Lanco products:

https://www.lancopaints.com/usa/es/prod … /#products

I like the properties of the Ultra Silconizer.

You must prepare the surface very well before applying the coating corectly and must maintain your roof by cleaning regularly. If the concrete roof finish is poor you will have to rectify that first.

In DR, it is common for flat concrete roofs to be built with a perimeter of a single course of blockwork with the roof runoff being discharged by a number of drain pipes into storage vessels. I don't like this approach because the atmospheric dirt etc. stains the roof quickly and the solar benefits of the roof paint diminishes rapidly, plus potential leaks. Much better the flat roof is built with sloped falls to the perimeter and catch water in gutters if desired.

Does anyone know of a specific place on the North Coast or in SD where we can buy this paint? And what it costs?


Ask them online.

Luciano in Sosua, 5 gal Lanco Siliconizer is RD4600, one gal is RD173.90

Damn! Wish I had seen this sooner...paid twice that!!!!

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