Submitting MoHE Equivalency of Academic Qualifications.


Good day to you all.

I work in one of the higher institutions here in Oman, and I've been requested by my authorities to submit my academic qualifications for equivalency. My worry is that I've only my attested graduate and postgraduate qualifications from my country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia and that of Oman MoFA here with me. I don't have any of my transcripts here with me.  Also, according to those who have applied for their equivalency, the ministry has requested them to add their high school qualifications as well. Again, I didn't carry either soft or hard copies of my high school qualifications with me. From the aforementioned, as at the time I was applying for my job, my sponsor only asked me to bring my master’s degree. These are my questions:
1. Can I submit my documents later after I've brought my transcripts and high school qualifications?
2. Has the MoHE given any deadline for the submissions?
3. Will it affect my job if I submit my qualifications late?
Please, I need your advice on those points raised above as soon as possible.

Thank you.



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