Expired employment Visa.

Dear all,
I am from Mumbai. I have been in Oman for 2 years. My problem is my visa has expired on 13/03/2019. And i am still in Oman. My company is not renewing the visa nor it is sending me back.  I am very frustrated with this attitude of my company. Not only me, like me there are 37 other workers  also. I want to get back my home asap. As my mother is not well and also I have a job on hand, which i fear will get out of my hand as long as i am gonna stay here. Nobody from my management is replying anything except that they dont have any money which is a baseless claim. They have the money but they dont want to pay. Even we have 4 months salary pending. What should i do? Can anybody here help me out

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Hi Imraan Khan,

Please approach the Indian Embassy in Muscat. Narrate your problems to them in detail. They will help resolve it for you officially.

Thank you Mr. Sumitran sir for your precious advice. I hope it will help other members in the same situation. Will try and go to the embassy as soon as possible and will post the response given by the  embassy officials in this matter.

Hi Imraan Khan,

Wishing you good luck and all the very best !

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