EP processing time May 2019

Did youbgetbany updates ? Any reasons for the delay ?

80 days is not very unusual, but I think the year end and Chinese New Year has a stronger impact than Corona.

My EP is still pending.
Is there a way to find out the queries raised by MOM till date?
Is it safe to travel to Singapore after corona virus spread to 60+ people?

Check with your employer if MoM has raised any questions or not. Other than employer nobody knows.

Whether you want to travel or not, it’s your decision. If you feel it’s not good time to travel then postpone your travel.

Has anyone on this forum got an epass application  approved in the last two months ?

Trek09 :

Has anyone on this forum got an epass application  approved in the last two months ?

Did you read the thread you posted this on?
Apparently not, because you would have noticed that there were several (and more on other threads).
And what is your reason for asking this?

Guys, Want to share with you my experience.

Applied for renew: 19th Nov 2019
Status 1: Pending (from 19th Nov to 16th Dec)
Status 2:  We need inputs from other...... ( from 16th Dec to 12 Feb 2020)
Status 3: Approved on 13th Feb 2020 between 4-6 pm

My company applied for 3 years renewal but MOM approved for 1 year. Do anyone have any idea what could be the possible reason?

Your employer can’t say how many years an employee should get renewal of his or her work pass. MoM does that after reviewing each case on its merit then renew accordingly.


Did any one get approval? It's been more than a month. Feeling the pressure now.

Mine approved today and waiting for the IPA letter from my employer.

Nice to hear.

May I know when your application got filed and other details.

Application Date: 26/11/2019
Query: 31/12/2019
Approved: Today

For me it is still pending. My employer had got some additional document request from MOM which they have submitted now. Not sure how much more time will it take.

Is it first time or extension? $kajeshkamma$

It's my first EP.

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