Romanian community in Mexico...

Helo Gina name is vali , i live in mexico city if i can help you whit someting just lett my know ..nice to meet you .

helo, you are still living here .. my name is vali i will love to meet you someday.

Helo my name is Vali ..i want know more romanian people who are living here .. maby we can talk one of this day ... im happy to see im not alone here ..

@vilies  Please avoid multiple postings, it's easier for everyone to follow the topic if you just introduce yourself once, and use the PM system to reach out to individual members :)  Also, this is a somewhat old topic, so you may not receive replies from those that posted earlier.

Thank you
Romaniac Experts Team

still there?

Angelica30 :

still there?

It would help if you use the quote button and specify whom are you responding to.  Also please use a bit more detail as this is not a chat room.

Thank you.

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