Student visa rejected by ICA- Swedish international student

As the headline says, I have today received a rejection letter by the ICA. The application was lodged on my behalf through the private institution that I will study in.

I haven't gotten any reason for my rejection, however, after taking the matters into my own hands and calling ICA from Stockholm I have been told that I should write a letter to ICA and explain why I want to study in Singapore.

Personally, I think it was rejected due to two reasons:

1. My Swedish birth certificate was issued by the national tax agency in English with a signature by an employee. Normally this should suffice but I think ICA rather wants an authentic translation done by an authentic translator even if the English document is issued by the correct government body, they rather would have an authentic translator give their seal of approval.

2. In the application, I also explained all the university costs, as well as my living expenses, would be taken cared of by the Swedish national board of student aid. I even cited my monthly stipend as well as the tuition payment amount.

Maybe in Singapore, this is unheard of and they rejected this too?

Mind you, I nor my parents have never been to Singapore before. So I'm kind of surprised about the rejection. How often are second attempts successful?

My study is 3 years long if I get the student pass and it commences in the 1st of July.

I don‘t think the two reasons you mention made a difference in your case.
Do as ICA advised and write a letter explaining why you want to study in Singapore - and attach proof of the government scholarship (and its conditions) if not already submitted.
Good luck!

Oh, I see. Yes, I did not attach any proof of government aid and its conditions.

This might be the reason. I'm currently having it translated into English so I can send it, I have unfortunately already sent the letter asking why it was rejected as well as why I want to study.

So my next step is to:

1. Send them through my private university: original Swedish decision on government aid for me together with authentic English translation.

2. Birth certificate with authentic English translation  + Notarius public seal on the document.

3. Latest payslip from both me and my father (translated into English by an authentic translator)

Do you think this will be enough?

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