EP in the month of May 2019

Hi All,

Hope you all are doing good!

Just curious to find out whether any of you have had their EPs applied in the month of May 2019?

If so, have you received any update/response for it?

To get the ball rolling: Mine was applied on 16th May 2019. Status is still pending!


My Employment Pass was applied on 16th May 2019 as well.

Here is my status now:
16th May: Application of the pass
22th May: "We need inputs from other agencies to process this application. In most instances, the outcome will be available in 4 weeks' time. Some cases may take longer.

Till today 30th May 2019 at 9AM, status was still pending.

Nationality: Indonesian
Roles: Business Development Representative
Salary range: Total package will be around SGD$6k

Would you mind to share your details also?


Thank you for sharing your details Gogoku.

Please find my additional details below:

Nationality: Indian
Role: Senior Software Engineer
Salary range: $6.8k

I think my status has been pending ever since it was applied for. Not sure whether it changed to "require additional documents" and then updated to pending as in your case.

I hope it changes to approved soon for both of us.


All the best.

You can check the status here: https://eponline.mom.gov.sg/epol/PEPOLE … tAction.do

Hope it helps. Good luck to both of us!

Please do update here if you got the status.

Sure would and best of luck to you as well 😊

Hi my pass was applied last May 23 but I am not sure about my status stating that it is EMPLOYMENT PASS instead of S PASS. Has anyone experience checking their status like this? Or should I confirm to the hr because my offer was only S PASs.

It will appear as Employment Pass regardless, I think. The MoM will decide which pass for you on the outcomes.

Hi there!!

Irrespective of whether it is SPass or EP if you know the details you can use the the link provided by Gogoku to check your application status real time.

If you dont know the details. You may want to check with the HR.

Hope that helps

Hi guys!

My EP has just got approved!!

Applied on 16th May. Approval Received in 30th. Exactly 14 days

Congratulations! Still waiting for mine, 15 days today :(

Around what time did you receive the approval?

Hello Gogoku,

Thanks!! And dont you worry. Worrying wont help the situation. Your EP status will get updated in a flash.

I recieved the approval news from my employer at around 5 pm Indian Standard Time.

Though it would make sense for MOM to update your status during norm work hours say 9-5 but ive read that people have noticed changes to their statuses late at night as well.

Thanks! Enjoy to Singapore and have fun! Cheers.

Thanks mate.

I pray it comes for you soonish. We should catch up once we both are in singapore

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