Look for safety boots

Im a purchaser from my company, recently look for safety boots for our workers.

After discuss with the management team, they would like to have a light safety shoes for our workers.

Is there any suggestion which brand is light and with good quality?

I think brand is not so important as the brands sold in Malaysia are all OK for the job and they are common.

There is a company nearby to me that sells all that but they are in Penang. I will get the name and come back later if you want that. If you are in KL, just try to google "safety wear" or "safety equipment" and see who turns up.

Hi, I would suggest you a brand called "Guzzi" or "Police". This shop has men and women safety shoes, and our company has purchased from them.

According to our workers' feedbacks, it is nice to wear for work as it is very light and comfortable.

You may go to its website to know more before decide which brand to buy, here is the website: guzzi.com.my.

Hope this comment can help you! Nice to meet you!

Hercules is a local brand too. There are several and they seem OK.

But....sizes? That may be a problem or WILL be a problem for expats. My shoe size is 46 and 42-44 is the highest attainable here. SOME shops have expat sizes but not likely in safety boots.

I have a brand new pair.  You can buy it as sample and check if it is suitable.

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