exiting in Bahrain with out the sponsors approval

can i travel to to dubai even my work visa is cancelled and im over the grace period please help

i reaigned with my sponsor because i file a mobility in Bahrain but my sponsor is blocking my transfer to other company and i already over the grace period and i have cancelled visa can i go to dubai even my visa here in Bahrain is cancelled please help

No.  If you stayed beyond the grace period then you need to go to immigration and pay fines to be able to leave.  Also your sponsor could have filed an absconding case on you.

even though i resigned with them because i finish 1 yr already but they dont want me to transfer to other company and i have a cancelled visa already please help me i want to exit but how long will be the process how can i exit with cancelled visa

I have already answered. Go to immigration and pay fines. Check if there is a case on you.

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