From S-Pass to Dependent pass

Hi everyone,

I have been working in Singapore for about 3 years on en EP, my wife is working here on an S-Pass.

My wife has been considering a new and very different position that would better suit our life. It would be for a much smaller company at a lower salary, but we think it might be an appropriate sacrifice.

Her prospective employer has asked her to to apply for a Dependent Pass (or actually it would be my company that would do the application), so then they can apply for the LOC from the MOM. I believe this would be much easier and cheaper for the company instead of applying for an S-Pass.

So here I have a few questions/thoughts I would appreciate your input on:

Would it be possible for my Employer to apply for my wife's dependent pass while she is still working on an S-Pass? If it is granted, what would this mean for the job she is still doing?

If my wife were to quit her current job to get a DP, there is no guarantee she will receive the LOC. If she does not receive the LOC, it would mean she becomes unemployed. Am I correct in this possible course of events? It would seem quite immoral to ask my wife to take this risk of quitting her job, without the guarantee of a replacement.

I hope I have made the situation clear and would highly appreciate your expertise and input.


I don't know if a DP can be applied for while a work pass is still valid and the respective job unterminated - ask MoM! (And post the answer here if possible!)
But you are correct: As soon as a DP is issued, her work pass is cancelled and she loses the right to work in her old job.
And if the LoC is then NOT issued (which is a real possibility!), she will be unemployed.
In addition, even while working on DP and LoC, her visa remains tied to your work pass - if you lose your job, so does she!
There is no advantage for her or you, and as far as I know the advantage for the employer is just that she will not be counted for any foreigner quota and they don't need to show that they couldn't find suitable local candidates (which must be preferentially hired).

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